"Over 90% of all new companies we have assessed, have security holes which leaves their data and voice venerable."

"Our business has benefited greatly by our Avaya IP Office. Our customers are getting to the right place faster and easier. Our employees are finding and communicating with each other better. The Voicemail to E-mail feature is incredible! But MY favorite thing about it is that I cannot believe how accurate we can track our marketing now. The marketing that we have been doing for over 3 years was not working as well as we thought. As a result of our new tracking, we have tried a new way of marketing and we are seeing a big difference! This telephone system will save us a huge amount of wasted time and money. I wish we could have found this years ago."
Bryan P.

We are so confident in our ability to provide you with superior quality services and reporting for less money than you are spending, we will assess your entire data and voice infrastructure for FREE!

We will give you a detailed report on the health, problems and speed of the following:

  • Server(s)
  • Workstations
  • Networking components
  • Firewall & Security
  • Telephone System
  • Bandwidth and voice usage
  • And Much More, virtually anything that is connected to your network

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