Customer Quotes

"I have to let you know what a difference that Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint has had in our business. Our communication has been better than ever by using the shared company calendars, and by sharing documents with Sharepoint. One of our employees got their laptop stolen while traveling to meet with a client and he was still able to present EVERYTHING using their computer, because everything was accessible on our server from the customer's internet browser!"
Sheri C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does I.T. Stand for?

I.T. Stands for Information Technology, which includes all computer, server, network, software, printer and connected telephone equipment etc.

What does All 3 IT mean?

All 3 IT stands for the 3 aspects of Information Technology; Data, Voice and IT Services. All 3 IT, Inc. was once 2 companies that merged together, Current Computers which was a Data company and Accelerated Systems, which was a Telecom company.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is a tool used to share information. It is the marriage between your computer's e-mail and calendar and your telephone system and even your cell phone. So you can get your voicemails as an attachment in your e-mail, and your telephone system can read all of your e-mails to you while driving, etc. Follow this link to find out more: Unified Communications

What is Twinning or Avaya Mobility?

Twinning or Mobility is a feature on an Avaya telephone system that can bring a call to ring at multiple locations at the same time in case you are not often in your office, including your cell phone! You can also start a conversation on your desk phone and transfer that call (without the caller knowing) to your cell phone and walk out the door. This is an impressive, very useful feature.

What can VOIP do for my business?

Imagine being able to move your telephone extension along with all the speed dials and features you have set up with a simple log-in and log-out code. Yes, it is that easy. VOIP can help you to be able to work from a branch office or from your house on the same telephone system, or really, anywhere that you have internet service. When you are at any of the remote places, simply dial an extension to get someone in the office, transfer a caller to another department or collegue. The options seem unlimited.

How can SIP help save money in my business?

You can purchase a SIP Line for less than an analog line, get long distance for free or a fraction of the cost, and use a single SIP Line for multiple people and calls simultainously! We have saved some companies over 80% of their telephone bill with SIP.

How can Microsoft Exchange help my business

Microsoft Exchange is virtually Outlook for your business. It will allow you to share your calendar with others in your office, create mulitple shared calendars as well as get all of your e-mail forwarded to your cell phone and when you delete it in one place, it will be deleted in all places. It can help you organize your employees and business much better than just having all of these tools seprately. It also works with most other programs in businesses today, like accounting packages, sales packages, web packages etc.

How can ALL 3 IT, Inc. Help me with my SPAM Problem

We have a professional spam and malware blocker that is effective and safe. It backs up ALL your e-mail and even retains all the caught spam, just in case you may have something that you wanted to see or think that you have missed. Once you have it set to your liking, you will forget it is working for you. We sucessfully remove over 95% of all spam and virus's never get through e-mail anymore!

Can an incoming call really trigger my customer contacts file?

Yes, our telephone systems can use the caller ID to work with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange or other contact database programs and have the customer file up and displayed when you answer the phone!

How can All 3 IT provide better service for my business than hiring our own on-site IT Professional?

When you hire your own IT Professional, you get the experience and ability of one individual. We can provide the experience and ability of many qualified, probably more knowledgable technicians when you need them. No more placing of ads, hoping to get the right terms, asking fo rthe right job description. No more interviewing, hoping that all those same questions are correct, and that you get a qualified person. No more training or self training for that new IT person. No more expensive paychecks, Benefits, 401K, Sick time, Vacation. No more reviews, disiplinary actions, and possibly even loosing that employee to another better paying company, just after you get them trained, just to start the process all over again. In addition, the tools we use in our Managed Services options are so complex and complete, you would have to spend thousands of dollars on that as well!

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