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We are not just interested in selling you a solution, we want to be part of that solution! The right products with the right service, Mutually beneficial.

Up to 80 % of companies struggle to get their IT infrastructure under control.

In today's business world, Information Technology is a key element. Can you imagine trying to keep up with your competitors without any computers or telephones in your office? It can't be done. A very easy way to stay ahead of your competition is to use the latest tools available to help your company do better business, faster and easier.

Call us to find out how we can utilize some of the products below to increase your business effectiveness.

WHO IS AVAYA? Avaya is the largest voice communications system manufacturer in the U.S. Avaya is the largest messaging solutions worldwide, currently managing communications networks for over 1 million businesses worldwide, including 90% of the Fortune 500® Companies. Avaya is unique among major manufacturers in having full Research & Development facilities as well as Sales operations & Sales support. – Avaya and All 3 IT, Inc. are the right companies to have behind your business communications!

Avaya IP Office

"Every feature you can think of and inventing new ones all the time"

Recommended from 20 to 250 Endpoints

Avaya IP500 Office System, is a "Hybrid" system that includes traditional Full-Featured Digital telephone system capabilities as well as having VOIP capabilities. In addition, the IP500 Office System can use SIP Service to help companies take full advantage of the Internet Dial Tone and Long Distance Service that is available for a fraction of the price of traditional Analog and T1 Dial Tone Service. The IP Office 500 is the easiest to use, most Full Featured, complete voice communications solution for small to mid-sized businesses. It is built on a software upgradable platform, so it is continually being upgraded with new features! Contact us to see how the IP Office 500 can improve your communications, improve company and customer moral, save your company time and money and even help your company to go GREEN!

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Avaya Partner

"Over 1 Million Sold"

Recommended from 5 to 25 Endpoints

The Avaya Partner System has been around for years. This traditional telephone system is VERY traditional. Used in more small businesses in the world than any other small business telephone system, it is a familiar sight. Easy to use, affordable and reliable, this telephone systems history shows how reliable Avaya telephone systems are. The Avaya Partner System is designed to work inside your office using your Existing Telephone wiring. It is designed to use Traditional analog telephone line (POTS) or T1 Service. Contact us for details on the Avaya Partner system.

Partner ACS
Another way to save money and go green, Video Conferencing popularity is growing. Our solutions go from single screen small business to large corporate conference room solutions.


Polycom HD Video Conferencing also offers affordable desktop to full Conference Room solutions. Polycom is also an Avaya Solution Provider. We can integrate these products together to provide a great experience. Saving travel fees and travel time for your business, Video Conference solutions are worth looking into.

Life Size

LifeSize High Definition Video Communications: delivering on the promise of video conferencing. Meet face-to-face at a distance, as naturally as if you’re in the same room. LifeSize delivers the ultimate telepresence experience, rivaled only by meeting in person. Do more. Travel less. Be present with LifeSize. Single Screen Low cost solutions all the way up to full conference room versions available, tailored to your needs.

Keeping your business safe and sometimes a compliance requirement, Video Surveillance can even lower your business insurance premiums. All 3 I.T. can deliver a solution to match your needs.

IP Configure

Surveillance as a service is a new concept and presents new opportunities with secure, cost saving advantages to small and medium sized businesses. ipConfigure provides enterprise features with this service so you can enjoy better quality, better features at a better price. You can view your cameras from any internet connected computer as well as most internet connected cell phones and PDA's. Call us for the list of features that surveillance as a service can provide to your business.


Trendnet is an affordable Video Surveillance company with great software and cameras. Recording video on existing computers or servers is available as well as having an attached DVR. Easy to use and full of features, if you are looking for an affordable way to keep an eye on your business, Trendnet may be right for you.

We provide business TV Solutions. In the Healthcare field, we have secured TV Service, provided wiring and installed wall mounted LCD TV's. In rooms where multiple TV's are located we use a medical grade LCD TV so that each remote only changes the correct TV. We have saved companies Thousands of dollars each year with our consulting and securing of TV Service. Call us for your business TV Solution Need.


It’s not just a TV…it’s an “Infotainment Solution.”
A hospital or skilled nursing facility can be a scary or lonely place for patients and visitors. In a room full of monitors, lights and foreign objects, the TV provides a window to the world they are familiar with. The TV provides something for the patient to do to help calm their nerves and relieve anxiety.

As the doctors and staff look for ways to reduce their time spent on non-clinical tasks and as patients and visitors expect more than just a TV, the HCI IPTV is the perfect match.

A doctor can view and show the patient X-rays or deliver educational videos regarding an upcoming procedure or treatment, quickly and easily on the HCI IPTV.

Patients and visitors can watch TV, view family photos, home videos, watch movies or browse the internet. They can keep in touch with friends and family via email or through social networking sites, such as facebook and twitter.

There are many TV’s, accessories and mounting options available. Call us today to discuss your specific needs and to get a quote.

A key component to any business is it's servers and workstations...


We Design, Build and Sell our own superior brand of Computers and Servers called PERFORMAX. Using only the best available parts from the best manufactures, we have built and sold Servers and computers for over 16 years. Today we are producing Computers and Servers with less than a 1% failure rate. The average failure rate among national brands is over 8 %. In addition, our computers do not contain bloated 30 day trial software that take up valuable resources which can be hard to remove, making our systems faster and easier to work with. We have also used exclusively the Intel V Pro Chipset for better system management since it's inception. Ask us about how the Intel V Pro chipset can help improve your business and IT experience.


We have found Toshiba Business Notebooks to be the best quality available, longest lasting for the price. Toshiba is also a great company that stands behind their notebooks.

We also sell Hewlett Packard & Dell computers and Servers to customers who prefer a national brand or have their programs in effect.

We are partners with Juniper Networks and Extreme Networks for a reason. Both companies provide best-in-class products and are further along in technology with their products more than any other company, including ALL other networking hardware providers. Both of these companies are also Avaya Solution Providers, so they work well with others. Along with the other companies listed below, we can present the best price-performance package for your company.

Juniper Networks

The Juniper Networks family of purpose-built security solutions is designed to satisfy customer networking and security requirements that range from small branch office and telecommuter locations to high-speed carrier and data center environments.

Extreme Networks

Products from Extreme Networks scale to solve tough voice and security challenges with high availability, crystal clarity, and integrated security features. Our products provide a powerful portfolio to support everything from basic connectivity to advanced, high-speed services for demanding desktop applications.


Netgear products are geared toward the small business, which include Quality of Service (QoS) router and firewall options as well as providing products with the new Wireless-N standard for faster longer reaching secure wireless. Netgear also have a line of complementary storage products that we feel fit the needs of most small business.


Standing the test of time, SonicWALL has been a factor in network security for over 10 years. On the affordable side and still feature rich, it is a great fit for some small to medium sized businesses needing to address threat management.

We recommend, Sell and Install Microsoft Business Software & Operating Systems. It is normal to hear a company or a collegue complain about their Microsoft products, we have found that the main reason why, is because of who built and maybe who maintains the operating system. A server and a computer is effected by the original install for the entire life of the product. If it is not installed correctly, it may never work correctly. We do know that Microsoft products are the most useful, robust, secure and the easiest operating systems to maintain of any operating systems. After all Microsoft accounts for over 90% of the worlds operating systems for a reason. Call us to help you decide what software to use for your business.