Customer Quotes

"Very personable. Easy to work with. Attentive to our needs. All 3 IT increased our productivity, gave us more options for expansion and enhanced use of technology."
Parker W.

"Readily available, affordable and not only professional but friendly. We had few problems with our computers and all of them were completed on time, affordable and professionally. No loss of Business on the down time"
Mark H.

"You keep at problem until all issues are resolved. Plus using your service helped me to save money and I really appreciate it"
Amy R.

"Quick response and Live person on the line helps us a lot"
Sachiko F.

"Attentive, easy to reach, easy to communicate with. You stick to it until fixed. We’ve worked together for over two years now – Each experience has been good-solid"
Patti A.

"I am awestruck by the superior spam control you have provided. In just a few days my spam has gone from thousands daily to 8 in the past 3 days. Wow!"
Sharon F.

The computer and IT services world is changing. The traditional “Break-Fix” services where you wait till you have a problem are being replaced by Managed Services. Even though we continue to provide break-fix services, Managed Services is more like a preventative maintenance services plan with built-in warning lights as well as any completed repairs that are needed. All cars these days come with warning lights. If you ignore a warning light your repairs can become more extreme and more expensive. If you didn’t have those warning lights, you can only hope to know when something is going wrong.

With the Managed Services tools that All 3 IT can offer your business, we can assess your entire IT infrastructure giving you a report on what is wrong, as well as what is likely to go wrong. We can provide your company with network speeds, Internet speeds, even determine how effective your firewall security is. We can remotely monitor your network 24 x 7 x 365 days and can also fix some things that are going wrong before your company even realizes there was a problem! We can manage your Servers, Computers, Telephone System, all your networking items, firewall and even your remote computers that are not at your location.

Managed Services can provide supplemental service to your existing IT Department, or complete IT Services for your entire business.

There are several levels of Managed Services available for your business. Contact us to go over a special offer on a trial period and to get more details: or call us at 800-350-8007

Computer, Server, Network and Telephone System Managed IT Services, Break/Fix, Consulting Services and Support

Managed Services

Our NEW Managed Services include networking tools that only large business can normally afford. We can securely monitor your entire IT infrastructure, 24 x7. We can become aware of potential problems and even fix them before they become your problems and effect your business.

We can provide you with reports that show you how you can save money by identifying what computers are not running as fast as they could be. How full all of your hard drives are, when your hard drives are starting to have problems, avoiding costly down time etc. We can provide reports with your data security threats as well as identify how much of your employees time is spent on sites like etc. We can even provide reports which inform you with how much electricity is being used as well as wasted by your data equipment.

Key Managed Services Benefits:
  • Peace of mind – monitor network on 7x24 basis proactively
  • Single point of contact for carriage and all network CPE (customer provided equipment) issues & single supplier instead of multiple vendors
  • Multiple SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for service delivery
  • Known costs for management & fixed price contracts
  • Avoid costs of building your own management & reporting systems
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) - reduced costs for specialized IT staff


Using All 3 IT as consultants is a very easy way to save time and money and provide you with better decisions. Leave the discovery and headache of your IT needs and decisions to us, so you can concentrate on your business

We have been providing IT Services since 1992. We are still supporting some of our first customers even today. We have close to 100 companies that have been using us as their IT Service Provider for over 10 years! This is a testament to our value.

Having All 3 IT become your IT Solution Provider, gives your company trained experts with specific tools normally only available to large businesses with large budgets. These tools and experts will give your company MUCH better results!

Supplement your current IT department with our years of experience, our knowledge and our tools that will help you get more experience on critical projects or more hands on the little ones.

Eliminate the headache of training, employee turnover, expensive employment ads and all the time it takes to hire someone that you hope will be a reliable, honest, knowledgeable employee. Unlike an employee, we have to EARN your business every time we help you, verses an employee that earns money from your business every day no matter what their performance is.

Remote Support

We can work remotely as well as on-site. With our secure, online tools, we have been taking care of over 80% of all jobs needed remotely, saving time and money by getting your solution done FAST!

Service Calls

We can have a technician out to your business fast! We service mostly Southern California, but we have customers all over the US and schedule service calls to those locations. We can also contract with local IT service providers to make a remote service call for us, usually the same day.

Proactive Maintenance versus reactive response.

With our Managed Services monitoring tools, we can find and fix problems with your IT devices and network even before you know something is wrong! Preventive Maintenance is almost always cheaper in the long run, especially when you take into account the down time and possible loss of data. Ask us about preventive maintenance with our managed services.

Remote Support

Web Consulting, Design, Hosting, Marketing and Reporting

Website Creation

We provide companies with all aspects of their Web Presence. From Consulting, Design, Creation and even Marketing. We also offer Hosting and provide our customers with full-featured e-mail services including state of the art spam and malicious software blocking, with individual quarantine boxes for each user, so messages are never lost. | |

Website Marketing

We can help you work through the seemingly endless choices for website marketing. We have web analytic options for you to track your webpage effectiveness to see how your marketing efforts are paying off.

Website and E-Mail Hosting

There are numerous web hosting options out there with prices ranging from free to outrageously priced. When you work with All 3 IT, you're not just another customer in line, or on hold. We know how important your website and email are in running a business.

When working with cheap or warehouse ISPs, you'll find they are more concerned about hosting thousands of sites rather than serving your unique needs. Their hosting will be fine as long as everything goes well. But, if you have a problem, you’ll have a long wait on the phone and potentially an uninformed employee who just wants to get you off the line

Here are great reasons to have All 3 IT host your website:
  • We respond quickly when something goes wrong. You can always get us on the phone!
  • We are happy to work with your web designer, or have us help you with your web design
  • We can Take care of all aspects of your domain name as well as your email hosting and spam service needs
  • We care about you as our client - your not just another site we host.
  • You will still be working with the friendly Help Desk that you are used to working with.
We make the sure your web services are reliable - offering domain hosting, DNS services, web hosting, web reporting, email hosting as well as spam and backup email services. We’ll handle every aspect of hosting your domain, email, website, and more.

Spam and Malicious Software Blocking

We see the effects everyday of how much money and time some businesses loose due to spam and the after effects of malicious software like virus, spyware, popups and even key logger software.

We can remove over 98% of your companies spam without deleting wanted or even unwanted e-mails. Our Spam and malicious software blocking server has a quarantine box for each user, so messages are never lost.

You set the aggressiveness of the blocking and add your own whitelist and blacklist. Each domain has overall company settings and then each employee or e-mail address has the option of added control of their own settings that provide truly remarkable results!

Monthly lease of Telephone System, Data and Network Equipment. All owned maintained and supported by All3IT

VOIP Telephone System

Starting from even ONE telephone, you can get LARGE BUSINESS features in your small office from taking advantage of our Telephone System Hosting. Just plug it into your internet connection, that's it. We will take care of customizing your telephone system to YOUR needs. Crystal clear voice service without the up front costs.

Microsoft Exchange

Using our Hosted Exchange we can give you large business features without the costs of purchasing and maintaining your own server.

Server Co-Location

Do you have a company of remote workers? You can take advantage of our Co-Location services and leave your server in our secure Network Operations Center and use our bandwidth instead of having to have a central office with an expensive Internet connection to acomodate all your users.


Building Network and Telephone wiring:

We have helped hundreds of businesses with wiring needs. We can do everything from space plan consulting, design, installation, testing and repair.

All 3 IT is ready to help your company with the following premise wiring jobs:
  • CAT 3
  • CAT 5e
  • CAT 6
  • COAX
  • Fiber
  • Security Camera Wiring
  • Wireless Access points

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