Customer Quotes

"Once I deleted a files and it was months later I found out that I needed that files. Fortunately we have back up protection from All 3 IT. So I called All 3 IT and 10 minutes later I had my files back. If you own a business you are crazy not to have All 3 IT and especially crazy not to take advantage of all their services!"
Wilbur F.

"We ended up with only small windows to get the entire installation done. All 3 IT got the job done and really came through for us. I couldn’t be happier with the entire process of installation from beginning to end. The service that we chose and the way you programmed it saved us a bunch of money. Thanks for the help."
Curt R.

"You always come on time you promise. Always take care of all our problems. Prompt and professional “on the phone” support."
Barbara F.

"I like this people. They have been nice to work with"
Spencer B.

"When we called All 3 IT to inquire about our network and security, we thought we would have to sacrifice some speed and security because of our budget. We got an education and everything we wanted and more (Peace of Mind) for far less than our budget. Thank you again, we are so glad we found you."
William M.

"In the healthcare industry, the people who matter the most may not be able to even dial the phone. All 3 IT and Avaya have helped us overcome all the obstacles we had and even helped us with other features that have made our lives even easier and better. What a great partnership your two companies make."
Evan S.

We collaborate with strategic partners to bring your company an end to end solution. One that successfully works together, with only 1 contact when you have questions or if problems arise.

Not all of our products, services or partners are located on this page, but these solutions can give you an idea of how well All 3 IT, Inc. can be YOUR end to end IT Solution Provider.

Service Programs

All 3 IT’s Service Program provides small to mid-size companies with options from a single hourly rate to an all inclusive Managed Services option. Built on industry standard practices, we can provide all the tools and become your IT network manager and technology partner. We provide it all, from consulting and repair, to hardware, software, server and network management and preventive maintenance, being responsible for keeping your critical systems up and running 24x7x365.

Computers, Notebooks and Servers

All 3 IT started building computers in 1992. Our experience and knowledge in building computers and servers provides us with less than a 1% failure rate! Our systems last longer, run faster and have NO bloated freeware or 30 day trial software to slow your systems down. They do come with full versions of YOUR preference in operating systems, software etc. We also offer computer systems and servers from Dell and HP

Network & Data Security Infrastructure

Specializing in all phases of the network; Design, Building and Implementation, as well as management, ALL 3 IT can optimize the performance and reliability of your entire network infrastructure. Our technicians are experts in providing you with an efficient, cost effective network with state of the art firewall and data security. All 3 IT can provide you with an affordable complex audit report regarding your network, it's speed, it's security and all attached devices. Call us to see how your network and security stands up.

Virtual Server Backup and Data Backup Solutions

All 3 IT has many Data Backup solutions, including the ability to install at your location a Virtual Server which contains a complete backup, updating itself every 15 minutes and duplicating that backup with encrypted offsite storage. If one or more of your servers fails, we can restore complete virtual servers and have your company backup up and using those servers, normally within 30 minutes! We can then remediate your server issues, or even install different new server hardware and restore the virtual server to that new, different server, without losing any data, operating system, domain or active directory information.

We also have online data backup solutions, which include encrypted backup and recovery over the internet for servers and workstations, notebooks etc. and the best part is that we manage it all for you and notify you of any issues that may come up, giving you and your company piece of mind that it is all taken care of.

Traditional / Hybrid and VOIP Telephony

All 3 IT’s technical team is certified and recognized by Avaya as one of the few IP Communications specialized partners in Southern California. Specializing in both Data and Voice gives us an upper hand against other voice or data Solution Providers. We can help you decide on solutions that will help you decrease your telecommunications costs and improve employee productivity and communications, improving your customers communication experiences.

Hosted Solutions

All 3 IT offers hosted solutions such as VOIP Telephone systems, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Portal etc. These options are great for small business and businesses that are in executive suites etc.

Website, E-Mail, Hosting and spam Services

We provide companies with all aspects of their Web Presence. From Consulting, Design, Creation and even Marketing. We also offer Hosting and provide our customers with full-featured e-mail services including state of the art spam and malicious software blocking, with individual quarantine boxes for each user, so messages are never lost. | |

Solution Providers

We work with all solution providers but have found more value in dealing with certain providers that are strong and competitive in most areas. We can evaluate your current service and make recommendations based on your past use and future needs. We have saved companies over $1000.00 per month as well as provided them with more service. This kind of savings is not uncommon. Please call us to get your free service evaluation.

Building / Premise Wiring & Television Systems

We wire up ALL types of buildings with Network and Telephone System, Television, Video Survelliance and even Fiber Optic Cabling. We install overhead paging and music as well as Door and Gate entry systems. We also install end to end Televisions and service solutions for Business and Healthcare faciliies, including working with cable and satellite service providers.

Video Conferencing, Remote Meeting

All 3 IT has Affordable High Definition Video Conferencing solutions available. As prices for travel have gone up as well as concerns for our carbon footprint, All 3 IT is ready to provide companies with cost cutting solutions.

Microsoft Exchange with Company integration

Microsoft Exchange can do great things for your company’s communications. It is a tool that can integrate with your telephone system giving you the ability to delete an e-mail and even a voicemail message on your cell phone and it will be deleted on your computer after you return to the office. It allows you to take your Outlook E-mail and Calendar with you wherever you have the internet and many, many more features.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform for your company’s intranet portal, facilitating both internal and external (e.g. client/supplier/vendor) collaboration and centralized resource management for your employees. Our experts have extensive backgrounds with SharePoint and are ready to help your business with this great tool.

ALL 3 IT, Inc. is ready to be YOUR IT Solution Provider. Call us for a special offer available to new customers.

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